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Emergency Animal Response Team

Emergency Animal Response Team was formed to respond to the life and culture of the east coast and its' emergencies and disasters.

When founding members, Lynne Davis and Ron McConnell moved to the east coast they brought with them boots-on-the-ground experience from the Fort McMurray fire and the Wildfires of BC in 2017. The Emergency Animal Response Team is based in Prince Edward Island with the desire to eventually cover all of Atlantic Canada. 

Our Volunteers

We have an amazing group of volunteers that come from up west in Tignish to down east in Montague.  Currently we have about 40 volunteers that come from all walks of life.  Picture on the right is our last training in 2020.


We hold regular meetings to plan for responses, develop response kits, discuss fundraising and public education events, hold training exercises, share policies and procedures, etc.  We welcome volunteers from all walks of life.  Everyone has something to contribute to the groups success. Usually the meetings are the second Saturday of the month alternating between Summerside and Charlottetown.  This picture is a meeting during Covid times.